About Yogihearts

Yogihearts is a platform for Yoga Classes, Workshops, Events and Consultations.
Spreading awareness about Holistic Living is the aim of Yogihearts.

Meet Sneha Arora

Yoga is the Journey Of the SELF, Through the SELF, To the SELF

Having a career as a Vocalist, Yoga was something that I was always drawn to, from a young age. My mentor, Harendra Khurana, directed me towards the path of Yoga, healing, and meditation along with Music.

At 21, I was fortunate to have done my 1st Teacher’s Training Course at “The Yoga Institute“, the oldest institute in the world, in Mumbai, India. There began my journey as a Sadhaka and has been continuing ever since.

Apart from building a strong foundation at the Yoga Institute and serving there for three years as a volunteer teacher, and course coordinator, I explored other Hatha Yoga Schools like that of B.K.S. Iyengar, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Yoga India (Bharat Shetty)Siddha Samadhi Yoga, Himalayan Yoga Iyengar Centre and learned from good masters who not only enhanced my physical practice of yoga, but taught me that Yoga is an attitude that one carries within, and makes as a way of life.

Devotional singing being my favorite genre of performing, besides the performance of commercial music, became a highlight of my life, since 2013. As a child, I always participated in the Krishna Bhajan Competitions of the ISKON TEMPLE, but never realized how deeply it impacted me and that later I would take it up again. Conducting Kirtans is my passion.


Yoga and Ayurveda retreats is a regular feature as well

Yogihearts is a platform for connecting practitioners of Yoga, Nutrition, Healing Ayurveda and various other teachers with the inclination to spread knowledge in the field of Wellness. Curation of workshops of such masters is one of the features of this platform. To get your event or workshop organised, you may contact us to know more.


“I am in the business of changing lives: that, of mine & others , to my best knowledge and capacity”

Yogihearts, is also a business advisory for people interested in setting up a studio or art space. Just like restaurants need consultants or homes need interior designers, a studio needs a consultant with the knowledge of wellness and business development to run it. This is what I say to people who are passionate about growing spiritually or who want to make a shift in their lives and are interested in starting their own Yoga studio, art space or Multi-functional fitness studio.



500 + hours of TTC at the Yoga Institute, Mumbai in 2006-07 . Teaching in and co-ordination of 1 Month TTC at  The Yoga Institute  from 2007 to 2010.
Various classes and courses in different parts of India and Mumbai.
Practise classes and learning from Bharat Shetty , Yoga India , Mysore, Deepika Mehta (Now we are) , Iyenger Classes , Sheshadari (Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga Peeth)
Sadhana Intensive , Sivananda ,Uttarkashi , 2015

Happiness Programme ( Art of Living)
HIYC 5-Day Course (Himalayan Yoga Iyenger Yoga Centre,2017)

2 Levels of Siddhi Samadhi Yoga (SSY)
200 hours TTC from Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre Kerla , 2007



The Yoga Institute (2007-2010)
(Teaching and co-ordination of 1 Month TTC )

Corporate Classes


Hongkong : (2008)
Life Management Yoga Centre
Turkey : (2011-2012)

Dubai :  (2016-2017)

Corporate Classes –

Some Of The Curations Done Are

Reversal of Diabetes – By Dr. Nandita Shah

(www.sharan.org) in Dubai, in 2016 and 2017

Workshop by Dr. Khabir Southwick

( Holistic healing through Ayurveda)in Dubai, 2016 & 2017 (www.naturalhealingojai.com)

Gong Meditation by Zarine Dadachanji

( 22nd Sept, 2016. @ Life Line Yoga Centre, Dubai)

Some of the studio set ups done are