The purpose of a TTC is to first understand Yoga as a way of life for oneself. The experience of being a student or seeker (sadhaka) makes one a good teacher. Weather you want to pursue the path of a being a Yoga Student or a Teacher, you are welcome to enrol in the TTC, which is a 200 Hour E-RYT Yoga Alliance certification.

Our Module and curriculum is designed as per the guidelines of the internationally recognised, 100 year old yoga school, THE YOGA INSTITUTE.

Our teachers are well experienced and impart knowledge not only about Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, yoga sutras, Asana sequences and practise, but also, on skills of conducting Yoga classes, without losing its authenticity, when one is ready to teach. Our Next TTC starts from OCT 1, 2018 until November 15, 2018. For details, kindly send in your enquiry.

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